Four Ways To Get Addicted To Running

Everyone goes through motivational lulls from time to time, but if you feel like you’ve skipped your runs more often than not lately, it’s time for a change of pace. Getting your motivation back on track can be as simple as implementing one or two of our top tips.

Here are four tips to help you get addicted to running.


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Prioritise Performance

The goal of weight loss can be a big motivator for some people, but it often doesn’t stand the test of time. Eventually you lose motivation to keep your workouts up. Instead, start focusing more on performance.

View each run as a way to improve your physical conditioning level and try setting a goal to achieve each time you head out. Remember this goal should be something that you can easily accomplish with just a little effort. Try shaving a minute off your time for instance or running a quarter of a mile further than you did before.

When you gain a greater sense of purpose from your runs, it’ll help keep you coming back for more. Plus, by setting and achieving all these smaller goals, it’ll add up and you’ll see significant progress in a month or two’s time.


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Join A Running Group

Few things will motivate you like being part of a fitness community. Consider joining a running group and meeting up with them for your runs on a regular or occasional basis.

Having other like-minded people nearby to share your passion with can rekindle the excitement you once had about hitting the pavement.

If you don’t like running in groups, consider just finding a single running buddy. Find someone who is at around the same skill level as you and who enjoys running at about the same time each day as you do. This will make for a perfect running partner.


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Get Some New Running Gear

Another great way to get addicted to running again is to find some new fitness gear. Perhaps you want to get yourself a new heart rate monitor to wear so you can better track how hard you’re working. This can inspire you to push the barrier as you run.

Or, maybe you have your sights on a new pair of cordless headphones that would make running that much more enjoyable. Treat yourself to them! As simple as it may sound, some new running gear can make all the difference when it comes to how motivated you are to do those runs.


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Try Cross Training

Finally, the last way to get addicted to running might just be doing the opposite of what you think you should be doing and stopping those runs.

If you are running five days a week for instance, this is a lot of time doing the same activity. Try bringing some cross training into the picture for a change. Hop on the elliptical trainer or try out some rowing one or two days a week.

You’ll still be improving your fitness level in the process and you’ll find that when your next scheduled run comes up, you’ll be far more excited to get back to it.

Sometimes a bit of a break is just the change of pace you need to get you motivated and feeling like hitting the trails once again.

Get Addicted

Keep these tips in mind and try a few in your own running journey. If you do, you’ll find you’re less likely to skip runs and more likely to see the progress that you desire. With any luck you’ll find yourself addicted to running!